I need some information
susanblatz65 posted:
I have 2 male dogs Zander is a boxer and Tyson is an American bulldog. I took them both today to be neutered. They were both giving a pain shot which is called buprenex post sx pain injection. They were both sent home with tramadol 50 mg. My concern is they both act like they are on some very strong medication. Zander my boxer will stand up and start swaying back and forth like he is intoxicated. Does this shot make them very tired? and can tramadol be giving when they have had this shot? How do I know when to give them there tramadol? Zander is whining like he is in pain. Would it be safe to give him one of his pain pills?
Home2strays responded:
if they were both neutered today, they are probably still waking up some from anesthesia. It is safe to give them the tramadol though they prob wont need it til in the morning if they got buprenex injection and w the sedative still in them. get them comfy and quiet and let them sleep it off tonight (prob feels like a bad hangover lol)