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My 8 month old Pit is losing patches of hair/skin
duckie334 posted:
i do not know what is wrong with Bonnie my 8 month old pit she is starting to lose patches of skin to the point it is bleeding and alot of fur she was completely fine a couple of weeks ago and her personailty is changeing like she is skidish now please give me some advice.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi Duckie334,

Thank you for writing in.

Is Bonnie scratching at the areas? I am not exactly sure what the problem might be but skin parasites or mites, fungal infection (ringworm) and a bacterial infection come to mind. There are also some benign skin tumors that could cause a similar problem.

Sounds like she is not feeling so well as her attitude has changed.

Treatment depends on what the problem is. Your veterianarian would take a look and depending of what they saw, they might preform some skin scrapings looking for mites. Fungal infections are diagnosed by a skin culture, which can also be done for bacterial infections.

Topical therapy alone is difficult without knowing what the problem is and also, dogs and cats tend to lick these medications off so we often need systemic therapy.

I am concerned about your dog's skin condition so I would try to get in next week, most veterinarians will be open next week. Some are closed tomorrow but some are open half day, some full day. Let us know what you find out.

Dr. Sandy
duckie334 replied to Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM's response:
thank you for the advice yes she is scratching alot i think that is why it has been bleeding but i had gave her a bath earlier and notice one spot was really hard (the fur was) so i sprayed the area and rub my hand over it and that is when the patches of hair started coming off and i looked closely at the area and only way i can describe it is it look like a web of skin over raw meat like her skin had holes in the area. after i got her out of the bath i dried her off used my husbands clippers and shaved the areas that were like that then gobbed on neosporin on the raw spots and put a bag around her torso with some tape (not tight) so she could lick it off.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM replied to duckie334's response:
HI Duckie,

Thanks for the update. I am still worried about mite or a fungal infection. Yes, make sure the bag is not too tight because the skin needs to breath. Neosporin will help for the short term but I would take your doggie in to the veterinarian to see if she needs more specific treatment.

Dr. Sandy


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