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bloody soft stools with quarter size clots
gailci posted:
My Dog Ginger is approximately 13 yrs olds. We have no idea what breed she is. We got her at a local animal shelter when she was only 7 months. I know Ginger inside and out. But recently she was having bloody stools and our vet did tests on her and said all is normal. perhaps she was straining when she was having a bowel movement. But within the last 2 weeks Gingers stools constantly has quarter size clots and then blood throughout. She still has her appediates sleep much more than her normal self. My concern is colon cancer. what other symptoms come with colon cancer. Ginger is on heartworm and flea/tick medicine. well groomed, loved more than you can imagine. My other dog never leaves Gingers side. please get back to me asap! I do have a call into her doctor/vet
Home2strays responded:
what tests has your vet already run? any intestinal parasite exam? maybe a giardia test? any bloodwork or xrays?
gailci replied to Home2strays's response:
he did blood work indicating no "cancer" all blood counts were normal. I am not sure about anyother blood work or xrays. They will be back this week from vacation. What I did do was pick up Gingers stool in a baggie and put it in the freezer, I dont know if that will help any tests?
Besides the bleeding issues. I have noticed her eyes are very "foggy" more increased since we have moved to another home. I dont know if stress would decrease her eyesight.
Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS replied to gailci's response:
Blood in the feces is not normal and there is a reason. It might take some detective work to find the actual cause. If the simple things son't seem to show the answer, you might want to make an appointment with a veterinary internist for a more indepth look.

Don't worry about the "foggy" eyes. A general haze is associated with aging and it does not affect the dog's ability to see. This is called "nuclear sclerosis" and is related to a continued thickening of the lens of the eye (normal aging process).

I hope you can find the cause of the blood i the feces.
larsstarscanary responded:
My cat had colitis, like me. It caused blood in her stools.


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