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My Boyfriend's Grandma Wont Stop Feeding Our Dog Human Food!
mg0123 posted:
We live with my boyfriends grandma. We have 4 dogs. One of them, Brownie, is ours. She is very old school, comes from a place where dogs dont ever get any type of veterinary care, and basically survive off of human food because they dont have access to dog food. 3 of them eat their dog food every couple of days, im thinking out of boredom maybe. She has caused them to depend on human food. It has started to become very annoying and worrying. All we can see when we eat is 4 pairs of eyes and they wouldnt miss the chance at taking our food if they had it. All heads come up when they hear us in the kitchen or opening the refrigerator. Our dog, barely 6 months has bad breath and constantly gets sick. Hell throw up or have diarreag once in a while (once a week or so.) 3 of them have odd breathing and "huffing" problems that worry me, as if theyre trying to get build-up out of their throats or lungs or something. Another dog, Snoopy, which is hers has what I think food allergies because he never seems to stop scratching but has no fleas. You would think this would be enough to get her to stop but I guess its not. HELP! SHE IS VERY STUBBORN! Weve told her not to feed our dog before but she still does. ANY ADVICE?
wmatto83 responded:
Well I know first hand that people food isn't good for hubby had a dog when he lived with his mom and his mom and sister fed the dog everything they ate to the point where the dog wouldn't eat his own food ever. He ended developing fatty tumors that cause him to not walk very well and his breathing was terrible. He eventually had to be put down because of it. Maybe do some research and print out some article about how bad people food is for dogs and give themt o her to read. and ask her to please not feed your dogs if she cares anything about the dogs to not feed them people food.
larsstarscanary replied to wmatto83's response:
An ex of mine used to feed his dog a big bowl of rice, beans and pork. Like the dog wmatto83 described, this dog was grossly obese, labored to breathe and could not walk. This dog also ate his canned dog food. One of the reasons I broke up with the ex is because of his insensitivity to the animal he was killing with "love".

I can't imagine the right words to tell your grandmother. Can you take the dog to the vet or call the vet and have the vet "prescribe" a "strict diet" of commercial dog food?
Home2strays responded:
Feedin dogs people food can also cause pacreatis! Maybe you can get a crate and put the dogs (or atleast yours) in there when you guys eat or if you know youll be away from home and his grandma will be there eating. In reality, she probably isnt going to change unless one of the dogs gets terribly sick and is hospitalized- perhaps you could even fake a hospital stay (board your dog, or have a friend babysit him a couple days)?


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