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vomitting dog
craftychick11 posted:
Our 11 year old boston has been vomitting a few times, 5 times since yesterday, it is mostly liquidy and foamy however he did puke up some of the food he ate last night. He has been drinking alot of water and hasnt vomitted for 4 hours now. I am wondering if pepto chewable tablets would calm his stomach? Our vet is off on medical leave right now and the emergency vet is over an hour away and we are in the middle of a terrible blizzard, if he seems worse I would definetly try to get him in somewhere.
Any ideas?
Thanks much!!
Home2strays responded:
take up his food and water for the next 12 hrs. His drinking excessively is agravating the problem. Give him some ice cubes to lick (unless he's like my dog and eats them) and yes peptobismol is ok to give. If he's stopped vomiting, after the 12 hrs give him some bland chicken and white rice ( just alittle to see if he can hold it down adn you dont want to freak his stomach out) if he holds that down do it again in an hour and add some of his dog food. Build him back up to his regular meal- remember if you've had the "flu" you dont go out and get mcdonalds right after- you start back with easy foods.
craftychick11 replied to Home2strays's response:
Thanks for your reply!
He was better the next day then that night started again so I called our emergency vet and they seen him that night, I did give him a pepto and so glad I did!! After an xray they determined he had a 2 cm metal something in his stomach and did emergency surgery, come to find out it was a wad of string, plastic something and had tangeled around his intestines! HE is stable but my baby is not home yet, they said maybe today, Fingers crossed!! He had 3 places of his intestines that had to be cut and stitched back together where this dang string had wrapped around it! They are concerned about his age even though he is in very good health at this point she said she is worried about a possible leak on one of the spots and infection so he's on ivs and they are gonna do more blood work and xray this am to see. I am so hoping and prayin he will be ok and can come home so we can keep a close eye on him with here at home.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM replied to craftychick11's response:
Thanks for keeping us appraised. Wow, good example of what seems like a minor problem that is truly something major. I am all for treating with withholding food and water for a day, pepto is good, but if the problem keeps going, time to see a veterinarian. Dogs and cats truly are very healthy and don't have too many off days.
Hope all goes well. Stay warm and best wished for your doggie.

Dr. Sandy
craftychick11 replied to Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM's response:
With a broken heart I have to report that Bubba passed away last night on our way to an emergency vet office. Our vet that did the sugery left for the weekend and no one was able to see him so after him vomitting again last night we were rushing him to the clinic which unfortunately is over an hour away. I did cpr but it didnt work and he went to heaven.
The clinic thinks he did infact have a leak and it maybe poisoned him. If we had any idea that he would have gone downhill I would have had the surgery at the hospital asap and kept him there over the weekend!!
I just feel like the ball was dropped by our vet and they werent truthful about the seriousness of this and what we could expect and what to look for just in case!
NEVER will we walk in that office again!


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