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My cock-a-poo has a smelly, itchy, and flaky skin irritation
Mleaser posted:
I too, am unable to afford the tests my vet wants to run. Unfortunately, he gives me no other option (I'm not keen on my vet). Anyways, my poor little Cocoa has had dry, itchy, flaky skin every since I got her as a pup. She is now 6 1/2, and it seems worse than ever. I bathe her with oatmeal shampoo, like my vet recommended, but to no avail. I've tried over-the-counter benedryl, worked for a bit but now it's back to the way it started. The smell is horrible, and she has dandruff on her hind quarters, back, and the outside of her ear flaps. I can't afford to run these tests that the vet recommends. I've also used non-drying medicated shampoo for itchy, dry skin, also to no avail. Please help my little Cocoa!
Home2strays responded:
does she have hair loss? do you know what she is allergic too? (bug bites, when a certain plant is blooming, food) benadryl is not the best option for itchiness, try zyrtec- works better for the skin reactions (your vet should be able to tell you how much she should get, I forget the dosage) what tests HAS she had done in the past? bloodwork? all that being said, if you dont trust you vet or am not fond of him/her- move on! there is nothing tying you to that person, we dont take it personally if you request a copy of your records and go elsewhere.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi there,

Skin problems can be frustrating. Problems that might explain the signs you are seing on Cocoa could be a skin infection, malassesia (skin fungal infection), possibly mites, hypothyroidism and an allergy. Tests include skin scrapings for mites,cytology looking for that malassesia, thyroid level, allergy testing, and even a skin biopsy. We can try empirical treatment including antibiotics, shampoos, diet change. We really need to diagnose the other conditions before we need to treat them.

I agree that you should find a veterinarian with whom you feel comfortable and can work with as a team. I will tell you that six years of skin problems deserve some testing so we can determine what is wrong with Cocoa and resolve the problem. You could request a referral to a dermatologist, hopefully there is one in the area, and although the office call is more expensive with this specialist, they often will get quickly to the diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Sandy
Mleaser replied to Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM's response:
Thank you for your response, I will follow your advice.


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