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Husky puppy fell on side while playing
An_221292 posted:
While playing at a dog park my 4m old pup pounced onto a larger dog and bounced right off landing on her side (it seemed) where there was also a patch of rocks. She layed there for a good minute crying/whimpering and did not move. When she did get up she limped a little bit and then it slowly faded by the time we got to the car. She hasnt been whimpering or limping since we've been home, I gave her a little body massage to see if she responded to any touches various times...sometimes it didnt phase her and sometimes shed try and nip at me lightly (not sure if i was just being annoying to her or something did hurt). Shes been eating/drinking normally. She walks around with her tail up, its not between her legs or anything showing pain. She may favor a side getting up from laying down I cannot tell very well and may be a tad less active than usual (laying down/naps) but we also were out a lot playing beforehand as well. Do you think she got injured where xrays are needed for any reason or maybe she just got the wind knocked out of her from hitting a rock the wrong way if possible? Im keeping an eye on her and if i notice anything more ill take her to the vet tomorrow, but for now I just want to know if based on her actions there could be something serious going on or most likely not.
Elizabeth619T responded:
Sounds like you are doing a great job keeping an eye on her. Watch for vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool, listlessness, change in attitude/behavior or not wanting to eat or drink. Puppies are resiliant but I would put a call into your vet in the morning or seek medical assistance immediately if there are any changes at this time. They can get the wind knocked out of them but they can also sustain injuries. You may notice bruising if you can get past all the husky fur. You can also check her gum color by lifting her lip and pressing onto the gums above the teeth. She should be pink and when you press and release, the pinkness should return immediately. Have a good night.
Husky_pup replied to Elizabeth619T's response:
she hasnt had any of those other symptoms. I looked at her gums (or tried to she doesnt like when i poke around in her mouth!) and the coloring seems ok, i did notice one of her teeth were bleeding bc there was some blood around the gumline and tooth. She still seems to be favoring a side every now and then getting up, but isnt showing any signs of pain otherwise or whimperings.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM replied to Husky_pup's response:
Dear Husky pup,

You are doing a great job keeping an eye on your puppy. It may be just the residual affects of a hard bump, but if she is still not right, or if you are just worried, have your veterinarian take a quick look at her to make sure she truly is fine.

A veterinary check to buy peace of mind is always a good reason to make an appointment.

Dr. Sandy


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