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dog ear infections
subrosajazz posted:
Our cocker spaniel has an ear infection.. She had valley fever before, so the vet said he could not give her antibiotics. What else can we do to clear up the infection...she winces when you get near her ears...please help....
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi Subrosajazz,

I am unclear why antibiotics, particularly if given into the ear, would be a problem with a previous history of Valley Fever. Is your dog currently on antifungal medications for that disease?
We do not see Valley Fever in my area but we have dogs that travel from out of state, and in at least one case, we were treating with antibiotics and antifungals.
Check back with your veterinarian and clarify what you understand. Ask again about the antibiotics and the reason they may be concerned. If the ear infection is severe, some help with antibiotics may be needed.

Dr. Sandy