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    Includes Expert Content
    ryaegurl88 posted:
    My 3 year old black doberman was just seen about 6 months ago with the first vet. I explained the symtoms and she said it was allergies and gave her a steroid shot (Depo Medrol). She said they normally last 4-6 months but then I would need to come in again and get another one. The first vet was extremely expensive and too far away from where I live so I found a vet closer to home and a little cheaper. She just diagnosed my dog with Entropion (the rolling in of eyelids) and also told me that she was suprised that the Depo Medrol injection helped but it was really bad to continue to give the injection because she is so young and it could cause adrenal failure. She states that Suri (my doberman) needs to have surgery to correct it but gave me a steroid cream to put into and around her eyes. My dog is itchy around her eyes and her butt. She scratches all the time and licks all the time. The injection the first vet gave to me cleared all symptoms. If I do a surgery, it will only clear one symptom. Any takes on this? I am confused as to which vet to use. I am a new Doberman owner and dont know much about them. PLEASE HELP! Does anybody else see this in their dog?
    luvmycatsandmydogs responded:
    I have seen dogs with allergies do that so your dog may have allergies and that is why the depo helped another thing i have seen is that dogs with mange (spelling) there are different kinds of mange my 1yr old boston was treated to demodectic mange (again spelling) when she was a pup she was ichy like that also. Its possible that both your vets are right your dog may have more then one issue. You could always get another opinion from another vet to see what they think of both issues and go from there. Another thing too is I know you can give a dog benedryl for allergies and its safer then depo some vets are against this and some arent the doseage i was given was 1mg per pound of a dog so if your dog is 75 pounds it would take 75mg of benedryl so thats something you could try if your not sure at all talk to one of your vets
    megandorsette replied to luvmycatsandmydogs's response:
    I am vet tech in Maryland and have found that a grain-free diet with venison and potato, or duck and green pea type diet can help if it is a food allergy. Dobermans are known to have skin allergies; especially the blue dobermans. If it was my dog I would definitely have the surgery done. Entropian is a disorder of the eyelids and it is quite painful. Imagine having your eyelashes always touching your eyeball. Ouch! I hope this helps.
    ryaegurl88 replied to megandorsette's response:
    Now I see where you are coming from, but one more question: If the Entropion is allergy induced, what would happen if I get the surgery done and her eyes do not swell anymore? Will she have enough eyelid for protection? I think the allergies are causing the swelling around her eyes which is then causing the Entropion. I do not think it is the dog food but I will gladly change it again if needed. I have gone through a couple of different brands and none seem to help. I guess I am worried about making a mistake with this surgery.
    Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS responded:
    Thanks for asking and being concerned. It sounds like your dog may actually have a couple of problems.

    First the itching. The steroid shot is generally not a good idea, at least if done more than one time. It can relieve the signs of many allergies-so you dog seemed better. That is what makes we think there might be an allergy as part of the problem. If it is, you need to find out what kind is most likely and try an antihistamine like Benadryl instead to see if it will help or if there are other non-steroid things you can do. Start a diary to see if there are better days or not and do a comparison of what pollens are common during the time of the worst reactions. That will start to give you a clue if this is a seasonal problem or a year around one.

    Second the eyes. Entropion causes the eyelashes to rub on the surface of the eye and that can cause irritation and even ulcers. Mild cases may not need surgery but more severe ones do. The steroid may have made the dog feel better but and minimize the infolding some (this tends to increase with irritation and look worse than it really is).

    I hope this will be helpful.
    ryaegurl88 replied to Bonnie Beaver, BS, DVM, MS's response:
    So if I give her Benadryl that isnt just going to sedate her to where she just doesnt care? The vet told me to give her 3 Benadryl 3 times a day.... thats not going to kill her adrenal glands and kidneys?
    laura2gemini2 replied to ryaegurl88's response:
    Benadryl is an antihistamine, which is used for allergies. It does have the side effect of making you sleepy, but it will help relieve the symptoms so it will do more than just sedating her to where she just doesnt care.

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