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    What are the "dangers" of edible medical marijuana in dogs?
    An_221310 posted:
    What are the dangers of administering edible medical marijuana to dogs to control pain and hyperactivity along with the sources for your statements/your qualifications to make them?

    Obviously like anything else overdosing can cause various serious, and potentially fatal complications. I'm speaking of using reasonable doses. I'm familiar with the various uses of medical marijuana in humans so I'm not going to give the dog pounds, or even ounces of pot.

    Thank you.
    Home2strays responded:
    this is what I found on the subject
    "During a study done in 2002, 250 cases of marijuana ingestion were reported to the ASPCA, resulting in two deaths. It's harder to know what the mental damage may be to dogs under the influence of marijuana but it's believed that they will become fearful and scared because they don't know what's happening"026
    According to the ASPCA APCC Database, the most common side effects of marijuana toxicosis are depression, ataxia, and bradycardia. Other signs include agitation, vocalization, vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, tachycardia, hypothermia, mydriasis, urinary incontinence, seizures, and coma."
    Ive been a vet tech for 10 yrs, I dont BELIEVE Ive seen a dog thats eaten/been given it but I have seen an extacy dog (i know totally different) and that was abuse in my book. The dog was crazy agressive, noise sensitive, and totally whacked out. when sober it was the sweetest little pit ever. Its come in twice in the last 3 months high. I think pot would be terribly confusing unless your dog would be the type to just go to sleep with it.
    PrivacyRequested responded:
    My dog has osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and suffers from quite a bit of pain and I am considering trying marijuana to lessen his pain.

    To address the question above, based upon quite a bit of evidence; It is nearly impossible for a human or dog to consume a lethal dose. This is well documented in humans and referenced here for dogs: From personal experience, I know of dogs who have consumed entire bags of it with minimal effects.

    To address all of those people who respond, "I can't believe that you would give a dog drugs. That is cruelty to animals..." I will point out that we give drugs to our every day. The reason that I am looking to marijuana as a possibility is that I first went to the vet and they prescribed Tramadol and Rimadyl. Two weeks later, my dog was constipated, would not eat, and vomiting when he did. He was much worse off than before. The vet has discontinued the Rimadyl and we are now treating him for a stomach ulcer believed to be caused by the drugs initially prescribed by the vet. The Tramadol seems to make the dog spacey, to sit around drooling, and to lose his appetite while he still groans from the pain. How could marijuana be any worse? The listed side effects associated with the drugs prescribed by the vet are horrifying (look them up) and make marijuana seem safer than bottled water. I am going to try it on my dog (in edible form) in small doses and see how it goes.

    Also, for anyone out there contemplating giving their dog marijuana in smoke form, this might constitute cruelty. A dog's primary sense is its sense of smell. It depends upon this scent much more than any other. Smoke will interfere and overwhelm the nose and likely make most dogs uncomfortable. What's more, instinctively they probably want to flee from smoke and fire and this is probably not a good way to attempt to comfort your dog. Try simmering the marijuana in a pot of butter or oil and then straining it (or not) and baking it into something healthy the dog would eat. (Careful though, too much oil can cause diarrhea.)
    lorr1911 replied to PrivacyRequested's response:
    Hi i am exactly the same position as you.My dog has bone cancer is on tramadol and is acting 'weird' and also rimadyl.I have just purchase some cannabis today and have just made cakes.Would like to now how you got on? x
    tvicious replied to PrivacyRequested's response:
    I have a dog that a cancer and only is projected to live for a few more months , just like your dog she has been on tramadol and other stuff and her stomach is always hurting , but when she dose not take a pain killer she cant get around. Did you ever try giving your dog some THC somehow , I have been thinking if i could get some THC pills or something that would settle her stomach for her to be able to take her pain meds. any thoughts?
    1Gmaw replied to PrivacyRequested's response:
    I have several friends who have dogs that are either very old and in excessive pain or who's lives are limited by agressive cancer. They have tried traditional drugs and the side effects, stomache, bowels, etc have been awful.
    I decided to make medicated cannibus dog bones and cautioned them to try a small amt of the bone to see the effect and increase as needed. THEY ALL agreed that the dog was noteably more comfortable and rested.
    TOO Much of anything is going to have an adverse effect. Just like humans who can't sleep from pain are exhausted in the morning from sleep deprevation. The reports are that the dogs awaken with more energy and are able to perform normal body functions. They are giving the more severely ill dogs small amounts throughout the day to keep them comfortable. Use your head, be cautious and alert to your animal and for God's sake don't use it for the fun of the reaction that is CRUEL.
    I use triim, so perhaps it isn't as strong and yet still releaves the pain.
    DonJones1 replied to 1Gmaw's response:
    Our dogs, a mini Pom and a large Pit Bull both suck up MJ in natural form and in reasonable amounts seem not to have any ill effects. However, be careful because they can OD on it. The pit got loose and was gone about an hour. He seemed all right when we came home but by the next day he was nearly comatose. The vet suggested putting him down but instead we took him to the pet ER and their tox screen showed high levels of THC and he had 2 large bowel movements and they were almost totally plant matter that was clearly MJ. He recovered, but it cost us over $600 for his stoner high.

    Our theory is that he found somebody's outdoor grow and "harvested" their crop for them because he was well trained to avoid bags or boxed weed. Also, the ER said there was no visible trace of plastic or other wrapping material in his stools.

    Our mini Pom is hyper and the vet was suggesting Ritalin, which is a form of METH so we occasionally give her small amounts of green or dried bud or leaf and she does fine with it. She just either chills out or sometimes sleeps it off.

    Like any other medication, natural or otherwise, start out with small doses/amounts and very gradually increase until you get to a therapeutic level without stoning them out.

    Good uck. Oh by the way we are state legal medical MJ patients and share our meds with our dogs, just in case anyone is wondering.
    dogowner replied to DonJones1's response:
    My big lab has nose cancer 2 diffrent vets gave him 1 to 2 months or 6 months with kemo, not recommended by either vet. I decided to give him strong Cannabis oil. sealed in cheese about the size of a grain of rice. he was about 76 lbs at the time.

    I felt real bad at first and started out very light on the oil. The first week to 10 days, I noticed he was lethargic. He did get diarrhea the first 2 days and drooled with a spaced out look. After 10 days he was he was happy and eating again. His nose bleeds slowed.
    He is now up to twice a day and is very happy with it. No notice of pain and very few nose bleeds. I don't think it will cure him but the past 3 months he has been happy and back to his old self.
    He is 12 years old so I know longevity isn't in his future but for now he is happy and having fun like normal and odds are before the oil we would have had to put him down a month ago. Its the Rick Simpson type of oil.

    ps I'd never give him smoke from cannabis or anything else that would hurt him. If I ever notice that his quality of life has bottomed out. I would do the responsible thing as a pet owner and have him put down. It just kills me but he is doing fine right now.

    pss . yes I had all the test done including teeth. I think I started a little to late to save him - You can't rebuild delicate nose bones.
    carylonbruly replied to dogowner's response:
    I am Carylon Bruly, from Ohio U.S.A who suffer from lungs cancer, basically a Death Sentence on my life and i thank you guys for your prayer and concern toward my life and i pray for God to be with you guys and thanks to the Doctor who God has sent to help me cure the terrible illness.

    The thoughts of having lungs Cancer burns and itches simultaneously in my heart that i was dead alive. I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life, what I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better after 60 days of using and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me.

    I am very grateful to Doctor Nathan Kisper for Selling the Hemp Oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Doctor Know, he will help you with all you need to cure your cancer, he is trust wealthy and sincere.

    Talk to him with this Email:

    He saved my Life that is why i will keep on giving his testimonies.

    Carylon Bruly
    United State of America
    An_250951 replied to tvicious's response:
    I think better than something with thc, get something with low thc but high in cbd's. The thc part gives the "high", the cbd is the part that actually has been show to do the "healing" so for cancer something that has more good effects and less psych effects.
    pg2109 replied to carylonbruly's response:
    There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Steve Philip, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance, Dr. Robert Melamede etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Be careful and don't trust them and in any of their "stories"!!!
    pg2109 replied to carylonbruly's response:
    There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Steve Philip, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance, Dr. Robert Melamede etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Be careful and don't trust them and in any of their "stories"!!!
    Psy1983 replied to PrivacyRequested's response:
    Hi. My greyhound was diagnosticated with osteosarcome on the rear leg. I want to give her THC oil, like the one from Phoenixtears. At the moment, she isnt taking painkiller, only butter with marihuana that my wife did. She sleeps like a baby, and in the morning se has a lot more of energie.
    I want to remove the pain using something that will make a hole on the stomach, after that im going to have a dog without and stomach.

    If she must go, she must go. But i dont want to give her chemo radio and pain only for my Greedy's feelings.

    Anyone has experiencies with THC and osteosarcome con dogs?

    Meichele73 responded:
    I have been making my dogs food and treats homemade for a long time due to the contaminated chicken coming from China. Recently, with the legalization of marijuana in WA state, I have started making medibles (cannabis infused food) Because I am very active in my local dog community, I have had many inquiries into making medibles for dogs with hip dysplasia and certain cancers. I can personally tell you that with responsible doses it does help dogs suffering from pain, nausea, constipation, lack of appetite.
    I can also tell you from personal experience that if your dog gets too much they will become lethargic and appear "really stoned"... they are. They will sleep it off and from what I have seen no long term affects. They best way to avoid this is to treat their meds like you do with any other medicine... keep them put away.

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