Wound that won't heal
MaryAnne0210 posted:
My flatcoat has had skin issues his entire life. He's gotten hotspots and cysts that have popped (it was disgusting) making huge messes so when he got another one that was growing and had a head on it - we tried draining it. The problem has been that this one never healed. I have asked his vets on several different occasions why they believe it hasn't healed and haven't really gotten a decent answer. I, of course, worry that it could be a cancer thing, but he's been tested three times in the last year and a half and there's no indication of cancer. If I don't keep the area free of dog hair, then it becomes matted down with ooze and then grows to the point where the skin underneath is affected. His current vet has said it's similar to a pocket in the skin what just holds dead skin cells but never fully closes. This wouldn't be such a big deal but it just won't HEAL - and continues to ooze not just pus but blood on occasion. It doesn't really bother him, unless you mess with it then its more of an irritation as he'll act like you're scratching his belly (his legs will begin a scratching reflex).
Home2strays responded:
why hasnt your vet suggested surgery? the only way to get rid of that pocket is to cut it out and whambam you're done (usually) depending on all other factors Ive seen the surgery done in less than 10 minutes. We even had a rottie with a sizable one that we did while he was awake, he was really good a tolerated a local anesthetic. It'd be great to fix before he gets mrsa in it or something.
MaryAnne0210 replied to Home2strays's response:
I'm not really sure - he did have his teeth cleaned about 15 months ago. I keep hoping it will just eventually scab over and heal... I 'clean' it with an anticeptic rinse then use a bit of Lavendar Oil (Rx from vet for a healing of another procedure). I'm hoping for one of the vets on here to give a possibl answer - it could be that this is just what its gonna be for the rest of his life and I need to get used to it.
Home2strays replied to MaryAnne0210's response:
yes hopefully a vet will reply (this will get it put back up on top) but if it is a cyst those dont ever really heal. There will always be the pocket in the skin unless its removed, however the infection may clear up. Good luck : )