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kyssis posted:
I recent got an older chihuahua( around 3 or 4) who refuses to eat anything but beggin strips and has drank very little water in the last 24 hrs. I am very concerned and would like to know if this is normal when you move a dog to a new environment. has anyone had this problem before ? how long before i need to take him to the vet? please help
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Kyssis,

Dogs can certainly be under stress when moving from one home to another, but if your dog isn't drinking water or eating well then you may want to see a vet. If you do not know the current health of your dog, then a visit to the vet will also give you a baseline about the dog's health and whether there are any issues that need to be taken care of.

When I adopted my dog she had parasites if that helps you and we had to see a vet for that.

- Annie
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