Puppy Neck Pain
lylly41 posted:
I have a dalmatian a little over a year old and last week she hurt her neck somehow. Either jumping, chasing bubbles or just being a crazy puppy, im not sure how she did it. I have tried to have her rest as much as possible but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. Any ideas on how i can help her neck heal?
Home2strays responded:
is she on antiinflammatories? Has she gone to the vet and ouve made sure its nothing more serious?
lylly41 replied to Home2strays's response:
she hasnt been on any antiinflammatories, but she is on medication to help her leaky sphincter. I have a vet apt on wednesday. she has lots of energy and is eating and pooping normally, but her neck pain has me worried. It seems to be bad in the morning, as if it was sore from being stiff all night.
Home2strays replied to lylly41's response:
ok, they are going to need xrays (just so you know) and she'll definetly be on a muscle relaxer, and antiinflammatory. Its going to be a longer recovery because they havent gotten you in sooner (the quicker on meds the quicker the swelling goes down and causes less damage). Hope its nothing more serious, keep us updated : )