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Could cat still be alive?
An_221358 posted:
About 2 weeks ago, I posted that my cat Piggy occasionally picks on Chirp-Chirp, the feral that I feed everyday. A few days after that (6/12), Chirp-Chirp disappeared. I fed her the night of the 11th but I haven't seen her since. I've been calling out to her and looking for her this whole last week but I'm losing hope every day. I'm wondering if there's a chance she might still be alive. She's become family just like my Piggy so this past week I've been feeling really sad. I keep hoping to see her in the morning when I leave for work and in the afternoon when I return like usual, and now, there's nothing to look forward to.

My friend who's a fellow cat owner tried to cheer me up by saying that maybe somebody picked her up and adopted her. But I don't think that's the case because she's jumpy with everyone else so she wouldn't let anyone near her. Could she be so injured that she would stay away for a week? If she got chased out of the neighborhood, could she find her way home? Could she still be alive somewhere? Although my head's telling me to be realistic that she's probably gone, my heart is still holding out hope that she's alive and will come back... Should I keep calling out for her or give up?
alaskamom17 responded:
Sure she could be alive! Don't give up hope! There was nothing you said that would give me reason to believe that her being dead was the automatic conclusion just because she stopped coming to be fed. Of course something could have happened, someone else may be feeding or have picked her up, but you never know. Animals have a tremendous resiliency and will to survive. I'm sure you have heard amazing survival stories too. So hang in there and be faithful to her expectations. Let us know if you get a resolution! Good luck!
shellgg replied to alaskamom17's response:
My old cat would, every couple of years or so, disappear for 2-3 days and just pop back up again. We never knew where he was going.
Another time that he disappeared, he was locked in the garage so be mindful of
I hope your kitty comes home.
JeannieY replied to shellgg's response:
Thanks you both for your encouraging words. I'll keep looking for her.
HamelMommy2011 responded:
Hello im sorry yer having the trouble of finding yer cat i just wanted to write and tell you my story i had a very beloved cat me and my husband found her as a stray had her for about a year and then she disappeared (this was back when we were dating and were at his parents house) after we were married and finally moved into our house his mom called us saying there was a cat hanging around (knowing our love for animals) said we should come get her and 2 1/2 years later it was the same exact cat we now have had her in home for over 3 NO dont give up hope she could still be alive and come back! after all mine did after 2 1/2 years!!


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