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blood in cat's urine
shellgg posted:
My husband just brought my 10 year old cat to the vet because I've been noticing little droplets of blood tinged urine in the tub, when drinking water from the faucet.
I have also been noticing rings of what now I'm thinking is light blood tinged urine on my white comforter, where he often sleeps.
The vet is choosing to put him on antibiotics first since he is showing no signs of straining to urinate (which he does right in front of me!) Of course, he said if he goes without urinating for a day, to bring him in right away.
Should antibiotics clear this up? It doesn't seem to be anything serious because I've been noticing the blood on the comforter for quite some time. It only dawned on me that it was from him when I saw the droplets in the tub. I know that with humans, when you let a bladder infection go too long untreated, it can cause bad problems. Why hasn't he gotten progressively worst?
I should add that he had blood work in May and the kidney tests were normal.
As always, thank you soooo much!
Home2strays responded:
What you are probably seeing is he thinks he needs to pee but already has urinated everything out. It sounds like a UTI ( i dont know if youve ever had one but it feels like you need to pee all the time) when your husband took him in to the vet Im sure the vet felt his bladder, if he was blocked (with stones) he would have a large bladder and you would see 0 urine. A UTI can come before a blockage which is why the vet says to carefully watch- if blocked too long a bladder to bust and there is nothing you can do except euthanasia at that point. As far as why isnt he sicker, animals show a lot less pain than what humans do. Perhaps he even got a little better on his own and then got worse again. Antibiotics should clear this up, it may take a few weeks and he may relapse a few times. Since he;s getting older this may become a chronic problem and a change of food should help (your vet should be able to tell you which one) . His kidney tests will be normal because unless the bladder is severely infected or very blocked it wont effect the kidneys. good luck!
shellgg replied to Home2strays's response:
Thank u for your response. After starting him on antibiotics, I have now figured out that the cause of the blood specks is fleas! He is an almost all white cat and I do not see any on him even after examining his fur and skin. I noticed that there were also black specks in the tub and when I rubbed it with a wet q tip, the blood appeared. He is 10 and I have never seen fleas and he is indoor only. My husband is not getting bitten which is surprising also. I'm just dumbfounded by this! I am going to finish the antibiotic though.
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
A simple urinalysis will tell you if your cat has blood in his urine. If he does, a urinary tract infection is one possible cause of this. But if his urinalysis is normal, the blood must be coming from somewhere else. Keep in mind that you'll sometimes see blood in the bathtub, on the counters, and even in your bed from flea "dirt" which is dried blood that fleas excrete. Even though this looks like black "specks," it will turn red when it gets wet and looks like spots of blood. It's easy to check your cat for fleas.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
The Cat Doctor
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