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My Siamese Cats are chewing everything!
BRET49 posted:
I hope someone can give me some good advice, My Female Siamese cat "Fanci" is chewing everything in sight. It started off with electrical power cords, we've tried "apple bitters" to no avail, next we tried a squirtbottle filled with water, no help, she quits when she sees the bottle, but it does'nt stop there, now her brother is picking up the habit, same age, both have been neutered and spayed and front de-clawed. We have taken them to the Vet, regularily since they were kittens, all their shots up to date, they've never been sick one day in their lives. This "habit" is driving everyone in the house silly. Also, when Fanci gets scolded (clapping of the hands), she quits and just looks at me and making the chewing motions with an empty mouth. Anyone ever experienced this or have any answers?
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
What a frustrating and potentially dangerous habit your Fanci has developed. Chewing on inanimate objects is not that uncommon, though it is more associated with dogs than cats. Wool sucking is a behavior that is often seen in oriental breed cats. There has been speculation as to the cause....some people believe that the wet wool reminds cats of the scent of the queen when they are nursing.

Fanci may be demonstrating a trace mineral deficiency. Even if she is eating a premium quality food, there can be a cat by cat unique situation where she needs these minerals in her diet. You can go to a human health food store and purchase this supplement. You can simply add it to her water supply. You will need to change the water daily. If you are using a recirculating water system, you will need to remove the carbon filter.

You mentioned that your cat had been seen by your veterinarian. I would assume that there is no dental disease. If your veterinarian recommended a dental cleaning, I would strongly recommend that you have this done. Fanci may be be experiencing dental pain and is chewing to alleviate the discomfort.

I hope these suggestions are of assistance...
Dr. Bernadine Cruz
BRET49 replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
Dr. Cruz,
Thank you so much for your valuable time and expertise, you mentioned Fanci may be experiencing a trace mineral deficiency, and this will be available at a human healthfood store? Would this be the actual name of the product i should ask for? We do visit the O-jib-way healthfood store regularily, so i could ask the dietician for the minerals. Oh, BTW, the Veterinarian has not mentioned anything about teeth cleaning for Fanci or her brother "Frederick", we do feed them dry food mostly. Fanci enjoys plain yogurt almost daily, it's sort of lined all around her food or water bowl as a treat, both have their own food bowls, not that it would make a difference. Again, thank you very much for any and all of your help. Bret49
Bernadine Cruz, DVM replied to BRET49's response: sound like an excellent pet owner. Yogurt is marvelous for maintaining the health of our immune system and that of our pets. I am sure that your nutritionist will be able to help you with finding a trace mineral supplement. There isn't one made specifically for pets.

Keep us updated....
Dr. Bernadine
BRET49 replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
Dr. Cruz,
Again, thank you for all the help. Soon as we go to the healthfood store, we will speak with the dietician about the 'trace minerals', and let you know the outcome! Sincerely, Bret.
An_240038 responded:
Hi Bret!

My Siamese do this too! Someone recommended using hot sauce on the wires ...which I hear actually works. However, if you worry that this may cause harm, we found that a spray with the scent of citrus and eucalyptus seemed to be the best way to keep them away. (We also invested in "cord covers" that keeps them from being able to get at the wires.).
BRET49 replied to An_240038's response:
Thank youAn_,
I believe we are having a somewhat successful remedy with the wires being chewed by using the wirecovers like what you just described, we're watching them diligently to make sure they're not shocked or injured in any way. Also the "trace minerals" the good Doctor Cruz suggested we use have not been acquired yet, but i believe this week we will be visiting the healthfood store to see what they might have. Soon as we know more we will let everyone know and maybe you will be interested in trying the minerals for your "babies" too. Again, thank you for all the wonderful help. Bret.
caretakermama responded:
Please check out a product called CritterCord. It protected
a litter of 5 that we brought in after their mother was killed
as they were 4 wks old. They are now 3 yrs and still have
the urge to go for the electrical cords on occasion, especially
the cordless phone base cord! We have a total of 10 cats
but these 5 love to chew. Google in CritterCord to find many
sources. Ours came from a electrical supply co or can go to The thick plastic cord is split for easy
installation. Good luck!


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