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Best Diet for a Canine with Lymphoma
Muskie13 posted:
My 5yr old male boxer, Brutus, was diagnosed with Lymphoma at the end of this July. We are doing chemotherapy - adriamycin every three weeks, with our vet.
I am struggling with all of the information out there about what is really best to feed a dog with lymphoma to give the best possible chance. My vet said he needed to be on high fat high protein low carb diet, and it was up to me if I wanted to feed him homemade or dog food. He did seem like he would like him to get back to normal pet food and recommended I go to a pet store and have them advise the best options for this diet, one of the brands that I could afford and looked promising was the Taste of the Wild.
However, now I am concerned on giving him this food at all from things I am finding from my research or by what people are informing me. I had a conversation with Lew Olson in regards to feeding my dog Taste of the Wild along with BARF diet, where she explains that I shouldn't feed him any commercial dog food only fresh low carb food.

I am afraid to feed him the wrong thing that could interfere with his treatment and longevity,
If anyone can give me expert advice or thoughts on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello Lauren (Muskie13) and thank you for posting bout your guy, Brutus. I'm very sorry he was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

This article that mentions Lymphoma mentions poor appetite, and I know several of our members have said keep their dog's weight up during treatment was a challenge. Having said that, I would encourage you to follow your vet's advice.

One issue you'll need to be very careful about if you make a Fresh Diet is that of contamination. Your dog's immune system will be compromised and fresh diets have a higher risk of bacteria and so forth. These are important considerations which you may want to bring up with your vet again.

Ultimately, you may need to be flexible and your dog's appetite may dictate what is best. Dr. Weigner Recently Replied to a cat owner concerned because the cat wouldn't eat the special kidney diet. "The best food is the one they'll eat. In other words, they need calories."

Keep in touch with your vet and let us know how Brutus is doing. I hope he has a long, healthy remission after treatment.

Every dog has his day - but the nights are reserved for the cats ~ Unknown
Home2strays responded:
oh I know how it is, My Daizey was diagnosed at 14 yrs old with stage 3 lymphoma- and Im a vet tech! I aguished over trying to decide whether or not to do chemo but she was given a very poor prognosis due to her age and heart issues (she was a chow mix). What I did do was put her on a Nrf2 activator and kept her comfortable, she was given 3 months to live but made it to 16 1/2 we cycled prednisone to help with the inflammation and her appetite and the other pill and she lived pretty good up until the last month with her severe hip arthritis. The nrf2 is gaining popularity and this is the only one i could find with actual studies in the national medical library- go to and good luck with your boy, i know its hard but hope helps!
MicHealth responded:
My Poohbear (Lhasapoo) had Stage IV. I know that Science Diet Prescription has a can food. See Diet&species=dog&form=dry&form=canned&condition=Cancer%2FNeoplasia&x=15&y=29 .

I pretty much gave him a high protein diet mix in with the dog food. Chicken/Turkey and hamburger.. Try to watch the grease.
Muskie13 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you so much for your reply
I finally just decided to feed him the taste of the wild food and he loves it. Depending on the day he eats anywhere from 4 or 5 cups to maybe possibly close to 7 - which is way more than recommended but I figure if he wants to eat I am going to let him eat as much as he wants

He is doing very well - after treatment he is almost always back to normal - he is running more etc after second round - only thing is that his neck lymph nodes have not really decreased in size, nor have the ones behind his knees, which i know is a sign of it not going into remission - but i keep telling myself the most important thing is that his life is almost 110% better than when we started.

I appreciate all of your advice and kind words for my boy.
I will keep you up to date, he goes for his 3rd round a week from today.

Muskie13 replied to Home2strays's response:
Home2Strays thank you so much - your story gives me so much hope. We decided to do the one type of chemo medication due to my financial restrictions and since the survival rate was only 5% less than the wisconsin protocol.
I have never heard of the activator, he has been on prednisone since his second round as well as an antibiotic
I wish the prednisone was helping more with the lymph nodes but i am ok with it just helping in any little way it does
i am not sure what stage his lymphoma is in, we decided not to due further testing to distinguish if t cell or b cell and its stage since he is so young and healthy otherwise.

I will definitely look into this and talk to my vet next week as well
thanks for all of your help
Lauren and Brutus
Muskie13 replied to MicHealth's response:
Awesome thank you
he likes his new food so I haven't actually made any fresh food for him in over a week
Since last wednesday he has gone through 1/2 to 3/4 of a 30lb bag

but i will look further into the hills, i have been told that a few times

thanks again


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