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    Includes Expert Content
    Sick Puppy
    PaigeAndFam posted:
    We got a puppy about 2 weeks ago. The family who gave him to us sayed he wandered into there yard a week or so prior and would not leave. They tried to find his owner but nobody came forward. Which made them believe he was dumped off. I gave him his first puppy shot (the parvo one) on Friday around 3. Around 6-7 that night he began vomting. The following day sat. he had ver loose mucsey stool. He hasent eaten since he began vomiting friday evening. I have tried everything he will not eat and drinks very very little. I have been giving him gatorade and about a half cup of pedialyte every 6 hrs r so with a syringe. I also gave him about to syringe full of wet rice and chicken food. I dont know what the signs and symptoms of parvo are or if this could just be a reaction to the vaccine because thats when it started. If hes not better tommorow I will take him into vet as there are no emergency vets within a 100 mile raduius from where we live. If anybody has any info or suggestions I can use all the help I can get. :{

    PaigeAndFam responded:
    I could really use some advice on this. Please
    Violets_are_Blue responded:
    Keep up with the fluids, pedialyte, and electrolytes but do not offer food. When our stomach is upset, we generally don't want to eat. It is possibly parvo as the virus takes a while to build up in the system (7-10 days) until you see symptoms and once they have it. Call the vet the minute they open tomorrow and let them know you have a very sick puppy with vomiting and diarrhea who needs to be seen. It is always best to give them a heads up, especially with a suspected parvo case, so they can be prepared for your arrival (it is pretty contagious). They will hopefully run a fecal examine before administering a parvo test (both which can be performed in the clinic hopefully) For now, keep him confined to one spot. Wear disposable gloves and clothes you do not mind having to disinfect with bleach. Everything he comes into contact with needs to be disinfected or thrown away into a double or triple bagged trashbag. Parvo can stay in an ideal environment for months after it has been shed by a host. If it is a serious case, they may have to keep him for IV fluid therapy and antibiotic and antinausea treatment.

    Depending on if his vaccine contained distemper is also a concern since puppies with parvo or who are ill are more likely to come down with distemper as well. Hold off on vaccinations until he is well again though or it could compromise his immune system even more.
    PaigeAndFam replied to Violets_are_Blue's response:
    Thank You for your advice. We have decided to treat him at home as we can not afford the massive vet bill at the moment. We have began giving him water under the skin on his back and neck areas about twice a day. As well as giving him sm. amounts of pedialyte and gatorade. We have began introducing plain yogurt into his system as the vet office said it is good for his intestinal trac. We are giving him as much love and support as we can. And saying our prayers.
    PaigeAndFam replied to PaigeAndFam's response:
    Also included some tri vitamin drops to his treatment. Late last night he drank water but did not hold it down. Today he has been drinkin alot of water and keeping it down, he has also began eating his dog food, as well as some chicken and eggs. Hoping hes pulling out of it. Going to keep giving the drops and yogurt.
    Will Draper, DVM responded:
    Paige: Sorry to chime in a little later on this, but it is likely you are dealing with parvo- but very unlikely it's secondary to the vaccine given a few hours prior. The puppy very likely was exposed to and infected by the virus 1-2 weeks prior. Sounds like you are doing the best you can do at home- Violet's recommendations are very sound. If you can get some sort of subcutaneous fluids other than water to give under the skin (subcutaneously), that would be a big help. That would provide a faster route of absorption than the oral Pedialyte. Also, if you are giving subcutaneous fluids, make sure you are using sterile techniques (new needle each time). Best of luck to you.
    Dr. Will
    PaigeAndFam replied to Will Draper, DVM's response:
    Yes we were using sterile needles. We stopped subcut. fluids monday. But it appears he may have an infection under his skin. Or the water has not absorbed all the way. I figured it would absorb by now which leads me to believe he has an infection going on. I having a really hard time with this pup. He was better yesterday eating and drinking and today seems to be going downhill again. I'm at a loss as to what to do now. And am unable to take my pup to the vet. I wa tring to give this pup a good life and I feel as if I've failed. Do to the fact I am unable to take him in. Unsure of what antibiotics can be used. just dont know anymore.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to PaigeAndFam's response:

    Thank you for the update, but I am very sorry the pup is doing worse. I would encourage you to check with your local humane society, pet rescue, and pet aid organizations to see if they have any money set aside to help pets and owners in need.

    You may also want to check your state's veterinary board and see if they have suggestions. Care Credit is an option offered at some places, so you may want to look into that, too. Perhaps you have something you'd be able to sell or trade for money for a vet visit?

    Hope your puppy is doing better,

    Every dog has his day - but the nights are reserved for the cats ~ Unknown
    Will Draper, DVM replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Very good advice, Byroney. Check with humane societies and rescue groups in your area as well. They usually have lots of resources that can help your pup. Best to you both.
    Dr. Will

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