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Help Chihuahua's fighting
sissey368 posted:
My Male chihuahua is fighting with the other male chihuahua, don't know how to stop it. the bigger one is going to hurt or kill him. Please Help
Will Draper, DVM responded:
Sissey- are these dogs intact? If so, neutering one or both of them may help. If not, consult a dog trainer or behavioralist and share the issues you are dealing with. They should hopefully be able to help.
Dr. Will
loboluvr responded:
getting them fixed won't solve the whole problem, i have two males that are neutered. All i have to say is chauncey be nice to Rip and Chauncey is in attack mode, ears layed backed, body language. Chauncey put two nice holes in Rips back. they are bigger than Chi's. Chauncey is jealous of Rip, and I had to make sure I didn't favor one over the other. I also noticed Rips body language might be setting off Chauncey. Not just chauncey going off on him. It is hectic. walk them together, do fun doggie games that involve both. It has gone a little better if I make sure I am giving attention to them both. Good luck I know how nerve wrecking this can be. And don't get all nervous when you are around them and think they mite start fighting. I think they can feel the tension we are giving out. but sit back and watch their body language, see which one insticates first, is it just around food? chew toys? you may see a pattern and can correct it. I have a female mastiff, and Chauncey licks her ears and cleans her face, when she's had enuf, she turns and barks at him. He doesn't do anything to her, (Cuz she's bigger?), but if Rip did that he would attack back. So it is something just between the boys.. Good Luck
loboluvr replied to loboluvr's response:
don't mean sit back and watch them fight, but watch them when they are together, and you might notice one is starting body language or staring the other one down that you can distract them with a treat or something and get their mind going in a different direction
ladyscribe213 responded:
I have the same problem except for my female dogs. I have had to muzzle one to protect the other. I don't like doing that, but in order to keep one safe I had to.


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