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ear mites
goffyone posted:
my little weinner dog mixed with beagle has ear mites that i can get reid of i have used acouple different things and nothing seems to be working. does anyone have any ideas of what to do. i am planning on taking her to the vet but i have to wait about month before i can take her again and i have been fighting this problem for about two monthes now.
Home2strays responded:
its very uncommon for a dog to have ear mites, not rare but very uncommon. More likely its an ear infection or even could be one of the manges or scabies before ear mites.
Will Draper, DVM replied to Home2strays's response:
Well put, Home2Strays. Almost unheard of for older dogs to get mites...much more of a kitten/feline issue. My first thought, as mentioned, is a bacterial or yeast infection. Something you can affordably do prior to a vet visit, goffyone, is to get a good ear cleanser from a reputable pet store. Get something with a drying agent and a good acidifier like propylene glycol or salicylic acid. Be sure to get to your vet asap. Best of luck!
Dr. Will