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burying treats
animallover22 posted:
Every time i give my dog a bone of some sort she does not chew it, she just buries it. Anyone have any idea how i can get her to eat them?
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
Your dog is just being a frugal pup and saving it for later. I hope that you meant dog treat type bones and not real ones. Real bones can splinter and cause intestinal distress. They have been also known to cause obstructions or penetrate the gut....very dangerous. Bones can also fracture teeth.

If your dog is burying her treats, you can try giving smaller bits of treats that she wants to consume at that moment. Be sure you don't give too is always best to keep your pet at a healthy weight.

Dr. Bernadine Cruz
gaylee1949 responded:
I had a precious Maltese who buried treats. It was, I'm sure, because he had very bad teeth, and coupled with the tiny mouth, he couldn't eat them. It cleared up after I had his teeth cleaned by the vet.

Gail D.
srstephanie responded:
Hi animallover22,

I know this post is about dogs ... but my cat also likes to bury her food, i.e. her food bowl. She uses large sheets of paper, slightly wadded up, and paws at it to cover her bowl. Then when she eats, she just sticks her head under the paper.

I finally realized that it was a natural instinct to hide her food from predators. My kitty is a pedigree RagaMuffin but very much an individual with a unique character. She seems to have a number of more "wild" instincts. She is so happy covering/burying her food, so it is fine with me and I just buy rolls of paper and give her new pieces when the old ones get food on them (she eats only canned food). She is an only cat (only pet) and has no competition ... but this makes her happy.

I assume that with dogs, it is a similar thing ... burying food both to preserve it and to hide it from predators or other dogs that might eat it. I think some dogs just have strong digging and burying instincts. I try to work with my pets as much as possible, so if the hole digging isn't a problem, I would let your dog do what she enjoys.

Here are a few photos of my kitty, Lisabelle, happily eating from her covered bowl:

Stephanie in Montreal
kristinebryson replied to srstephanie's response:
This morning, I gave my dog a pig ear treat...the first time a few days ago, I gave him one, he ate it right there.
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