Puppy won't come to me
nulaura posted:
We have 5 dogs the oldest is a 14 yr old Boston then a mixed 6yr old 4yr old tsits zue and a 1yr old Boston they are all friendly and come to us with no problems. Then we have a six month old pit mix who will not come to me at all. She wags her tail and gets along with the other dogs, stays with my husband all the time.i can't get her to come to me unless I put her on a leash. All the dogs are female except the oldest Boston. What can I do? I think the one yr old Boston is stopping her from bonding with me. Please help she his 4 1/2 months old and has been with us for 3 months.
peachychick54 responded:
Try spending time with your puppy away from the other dogs and people. Offer lots of praise and treats when she comes to you. Wishing you the best
Anon_1066 responded:
I trained my dog by using small bits of hot dog and the leash. Get her alone and work with her. Tell her to come and tug a bit if necessary on the leassh. Praise her when she soes and give her a treat. Keep reapeating for days, weeks, Then eliminate the leash, then the treats. It really works
nulaura replied to Anon_1066's response:
thank u both I will try this on my next day off. I noticed this morning when my husband when out and took the young boston with him "Tuffy" did come to me the minute they came home she was gone. I think you are both right. I'll let you know. Thanks
nulaura replied to nulaura's response:
I spent the day yesterday with "Tuffy" I had errands to run and she came with me. While we were out she was tail wagging and all over me. The minute we got home she went right back to following my husband and the one yr old Boston who thinks she's her mother. At least now I know that alone me and her can bond so I will be doing this again next week. Thank you for your advice.