Cat & Dog Tarter Removal Spray??
Winterblue2 posted:
Hello. My cat is a senior kitty, was given to me b/c his owners were moving and he has never had his teeth cleaned by a vet or brushed by the previous owners. I've seen this product advertised on TV that is supposed to remove tarter build up on both cats and dogs teeth. You spray it into their mouth once a day. I'd like to start to try brushing his teeth after removing some of the buildup, but at this late stage in his life, I don't know if he will go for it. What I really want to know if a product like this is actually safe for animals? I cannot remember the name of it right off, and wondered if anyone has used it and if so, was it effective?

Thanks a bunch!
Rohvannyn responded:
Haven't heard of the spray but I did have one thought for you. If this spray works, will you be able to use it on him? My cats all have HATED sprayers both because of punishment assosciations and simply because of the high pitched hissing sound they don't like. Also, I question the ability of a spray to remove tartar since if that worked on animals there would be a lot of people wanting to use a similar product. If you try it, I'd be curious to see the results! To find out if it is safe you can find out if they have a website and they should have an ingredient list.
Winterblue2 replied to Rohvannyn's response:
After I posted this, I had the same thought about using it on On the TV commercial, the woman does spray it into her mouth to show how safe it is.

As far as the sprayer goes, there is only one spray bottle I use for behavior issues, and believe me, he knows what it looks like. I've sprayed him with bath wash and he didn't seem to mind. He's pretty easy when it comes to doing things to him.

I will look on the website to see what the ingredients are. I'd even be tempted to use it myself first. LOL. If I do decide it's safe, I will post the results.

Thanlks for your thoughts.