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any help would be much appreciated
An_244006 posted:
have a 4 year male cat. he got sick nearly 5 days ago and has eaten virtually nothing since. today he stopped drinking.ive made all his favorite foods changed his cat food even ive tried everything to get him too eat and drink. when i took him to the vet they did a quick physicall exam and everything seemed normal but he just wont eat. ive tried everything nothing works. any help here wouldd be great. i cant lose him
catmother_me responded:
Did the vet offer any opinions at all? Is your cat peeing and pooping normally? Is he vomiting? Any chance he has a hairball he can't get rid of? I know hairballs will put my Maggie off her food. Hard to eat when there's something in the way. As long as the vet doesn't think there's a health issue, I'd try giving him some hairball gel and see if that helps him feel more like eating. Cats do get bored with their food sometimes, too. What do you feed him?
An_244006 replied to catmother_me's response:
the vet told us to try and entiice him to eat at home. he gave hairball gel, and whille at the vet he gave hiim a little exam. he said his swallowing, breathiing was ok, and that his stomach was clear (from what he felt). hes not been pooping for 2-3 days but has peed. he has a variety of foods dry and wet, ground up chicken too. he just smells it and walks awayy. hes not himself, since he vomitted fri. he hasnt vomitted since fri.
srstephanie replied to An_244006's response:
Hi An_244006,

If your cat hasn't eaten anything (or "virtually nothing") in five days it is an emergency situation. Cats need to eat regularly, or they can be at risk for a serious (potentially deadly) liver disease called "hepatic lipidosis" ("fatty liver") ... particularly if your cat was overweight at all or on a high carbohydrate diet. But even if not, going 5 days with little or nothing to eat is dangerous. And not drinking will cause him to be dehydrated and can also be life threatening. Did the vet check his hydration?

At the very least, I would have expected your vet to draw blood for a full blood test (blood chemistry and CBC) to check organ function and look for clues to his not eating. Were any x-rays done to look for potential obstructions (could he have eaten something he shouldn't have?) or constipation. Did the vet take a very close and careful look at his mouth ... to see if there are any dental or other mouth issues that might be causing him pain so that he doesn't want to eat? Something else your vet may want to test for is Pancreatitis that can effect appetite. There is a quick in-clinic screening test for pancreatitis now (IDEXX lab's SNAP fPL) or a better one sent to the lab (Spec fPL) that is done from a blood sample.

If your vet hasn't done those basic diagnostic tests, I would look for another vet who will check them. If nothing can be found, you might want to consult an Internal Medicine specialist (or Board Certified Feline Specialist) who might want to do an ultrasound to look for evidence of other problems, like cancer.

Cats need to eat and when they don't, there is a problem. When it goes more than a day or two, it is time to look for an answer. If he isn't drinking, he is likely dehydrated and may need either IV fluids at the vet's or subcutaneous fluids (injected under the skin) to get his hydration back.

As your cat's owner, you know better than anyone else when something isn't right with your cat. And refusing food (and water) for more than a day or two is a sign that something is wrong and you need to do the necessary diagnostic tests to find out what the problem is. Good luck and I hope you get some answers and that it is something that can be taken care of.

Stephanie in Montreal
An_244006 replied to srstephanie's response:
Hi Stephanie

We in fact took him to another vet, the one we originally had I felt wasn't listening to us. Bloodwork and x rays were done and came up clear. The vet gave him fluids to keep him hydrated. It was indeed a mystery. I am happy to report that yesterday my little guy finally ate and has been eating and drinking water regularly since yesterday morning. I am closely monitoring him for any changes. He is going back to the vet tomorrow just to make sure he is getting better. fingers crossed
catmother_me replied to An_244006's response:
I'm glad you got a second opinion, and even more glad to hear your boy is eating!


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