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My 5 yr old beagle has choking fits
grannie57 posted:
My 5 yr old female beagle has choking and gagging fits daily. We thought she was eating something in the yard that she shouldn't but not. Can't figure out why she has these?
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
Dear Grannie,
It is difficult to say whether this is something as common and usually nonlifethreatening as a collapsing trachea or something more serious such as a lodged foreign body or possibly even a mass. I would strongly recommend that you get your Beagle in to your veterinarian for an examination. Once he/she has an opportunity to obtain a more detailed history from you and perform an examination a diagnosis may be able to be made. It may require additional diagnostics such as radiographs or a scoping of the throat. Please get your pet in for an examination in the very near future.

Best of luck...
Dr. Bernadine Cruz