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Dog Eye allergies?
mrshoro posted:
My 2y/o boxer mix has been having a red gooey eye. Is there any home treatments that I can try? Both me and my Hubby have had increased allergies symptoms the last few weeks due to everything being in bloom here that way I'm thinking allergies.
Will Draper, DVM responded:
MrsHoro- the concern here is that, if it's one eye that is affected, it could be secondary to some injury rather than allergies. Regardless, rather than try a home remedy I'd strongly recommend your vet checking his eye(s) out. It won't hurt to use sterile saline (which you can get from the pharmacy OTC) to flush and clean the eye, but the description of "red gooey" in one eye leads to the possibilty of some sort of corneal or conjunctival infection. Keep us posted...WD
Dr. Will
mrshoro replied to Will Draper, DVM's response:
Thank you. We have been flushing her eye with saline. Its no longer red just pink and the goo is very much reduced. We will continue to flush it over the weekend and then decide if she still needs to be seen on Monday.