My dog's stomach is gurgling and making weird noises
Megadschannel posted:
I have a 9 year old female basset hound and for the past few days she hasn't eaten very much. At first I thought that she was just being picky so I bought her a different brand of dog food. She eats little bits and pieces but she never eats it all. She is sleeping a lot more than usual and doesn't really have as much energy as usual. She will only eat people food so I mix it in with her dog food. She doesn't seem to be throwing up, eating grass , or having problems going to the bathroom. I'm not sure what's going on and I'm kinda worried. I dont know if she is just being picky or if she is just starving herself. This is the first time this has happened. Oh! And a few months ago my 12 year old basset died from liver failure from diabetes so I don't know if she is depressed either. I tried to take her on walks but she doesn't want to.