Do you have chickens?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Raising backyard chickens seems to be all the rage around the country right now. In a recent blog post, Dr. Rod Moser shares his interest in chickens with readers.

You can also check out this Urban Chickens video for more information.

Have you raised chickens? Are you considering it? What are some of the obstacles you see? Benefits?
Susan_Davis responded:
Our family has four backyard chickens and we love them! In addition to the fresh eggs, we get a huge kick out of listening to them talk and call and watching them roam around our backyard. They're very friendly and very funny and when they were chicks they were unbelievably cute.

Biggest drawback, I think, is that they're a bit messy, so we have to stay on top of coop cleaning and can't let them free in the yard all the time, as they dig up plants and poop a lot.