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Who's the best person or place to watch your pet while vacation
cindigal posted:
OK...hold on your hats cause this may take a while to explain. I have 2 male cats...Boo (all black) and Tiger (orange tabby). They are about 8 months now and I never left them except once and that time I had plans for Christmas. I got them in November from my son who adopted them for my granddaughter who was turned out allergic to them. He then called me and asked me if I could take them. At first I wasnt going to take them because of I heard these apartments are not supposed to have pets (thats another story). So I gave in because I love pets and he brought them over and of course I fell in love with them.. I have never left them ever except one time but it was Christmas and i had plans already. My mom and sister from Florida flew in and we all went to my other sisters in Chgo for Christmas. I had to leave the kittens at home but my son came once a day to feed them and clean the litter. I felt so bad leaving them at home.

So this upcoming Christmas my mom and sister in Florida want me to go to Florida. I am already nervous about the cats. I dont want them alone at home. By the way, the lady downstairs told me when I came home that she heard the cats crying every night 5 nights and running all the time. So, I decided this time to bring them somewhere....but where.??. I only borught them to the time, because I dont drive at all, my son drove me and the cats to the vet he knows. I dont know anything "boarding" at Vet. I don't have any friends to ask....seriously... I keep to myself. The thought of my cats confine to any "cages" it seems so cruel. My son certainly cant take the cats. I even asked him if he knew of any friends that would take them when I go away. And he's the one that adopted the cats in the first place. Sheesh, do you notice that people that are NOT cat people, care less about people that have cats. I am asking some kind of advise of where I can do with my cats when I go on vacation. I care about my possessions also, so the option of somebody coming in my place is not a option..

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
If your son or someone you trust can't take care of them and you don't want strangers in your house, you've painted yourself into a corner. Either someone you know takes them to their home, you take them with you, or you board them at a kennel or your veterinarian. Kennels vary in quality so it helps to get references. Even if your veterinarian boards cats, they'll know if there's a good kennel around. Make sure they require vaccinations and board them separately from sick cats or from dogs. They may be able to board them together if the kennel or your veterinarian has a space large enough. There is one other option: stay home. But, really, they should be fine at a good facility.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
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