dog screams in his sleep
An_245464 posted:
My dog had the same problem last night, he is 13 yr old now and that happened twice before (10 months ago), both occured in a warm humid night while he was in a deep sleep. Last night, I first heard his breathe was heavy, then he coughed a bit & he started screaming in a horrified tone. I can tell he was very scared by his eyes. I have to keep calling his name, gently pat him just to wake him. It took him a few minutes to completely wake up. I do think it is from the heat - weather, that make him couldn't breath at the beginning (he has a little problem with his heart value). I did mention that to my vet about the screaming while asleep, and my vet told me it's normal since he didn't have any seizure.
sweetypie295 responded:
Oh that is so sad. If it were my pet I think I would do tons of research. Could he be having a nightmare?
I have never heard of this as an adult dog.
An_245464 replied to sweetypie295's response:
believe me I've done enough research since 10 months ago. Unforturnately, the conclusions are the same.
An_245464 responded:
six months later, he had a heart attack, it wasn't a bad dream that he had, it was a heart pain that triggering him screaming. He passed away a year ago, and I want other pet owners to be aware of this problem. Hugo my love, rest in peace.