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    Found gross tiny objects in my cat's new bag of food!!
    missfeline posted:
    I've always fed my cat Science Diet brand cat food. She was raised on it and eaten it for 5 yrs. I have never seen or heard of such a thing like this, and I've had pets my whole life. Started putting the 1st scoop of food from the new bag into her bowl and saw this small disgusting looking material after she had already taken a few bites. Whatever it is definitely looks like it was once alive. Poured it all back into the bag, where I noticed smallish cobwebs and more of the nasty stuff while sifting through the bag investigating. Some of the gross stuff is even stuck to the kibble. Hmm it just so happens that where I buy it from has been having a sale for $3 off, and that NEVER happens with Science Diet. I'm horrified, can someone please tell me if they've had this happen and what I should do, besides getting a refund? Could what she did ingest be harmful? Anything helps, thank you...
    squishycat responded:
    you should have taken pictures of it and gotten a lawyer just saying
    rohvannyn responded:
    Also give the company a call and save the food so they can look at it. Any reputable company, as I'm sure they are, will be very interested in your case. You shouldn't need legal help for this as I'll bet you will get a bunch of coupons or some other form of compensation.

    Make sure to save the food. They can test it to find out what is wrong. My guess is a mouse got in the works or something, and it shouldn't hurt your cat but watch her to be sure.
    missfeline replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Thanks for your replies. I'm getting nowhere with this situation and it's very possible I 'll need to contact an lawyer. Emailed the pics I took to science diet consumer affairs, and how appauled I am with this situation. They told me this is larva from the indian meal moth. They told me it is dead and didn't even want a sample of the food, Of course, they said to throw out the bag of food. I still kept samples of the food and larva and took to petco. They also insisted I throw out the bag of cat food. They said science never called them about this! The larva isn't dead and a moth hatched over the weekend. They lay 300 eggs at a time and once brought into the house they quickly then get into people own food and infest in it and these things reproduce like wildfire.
    Researched online and blogs from people getting these moths and they are nearly impossible to get rid of. I threw out all my food exept in freezer & fridge, and I'm afraid to bring any new food into my home. If you do, it has to be stored in air tight containers and you have to get an exterminator immediately, which on my own, I can't afford. Of course on my own I can't afford one. Going to see where I get today on phone calls but I'm just 1 person pleading to this huge company. These larva can get into any of our people food and ziploc seals don't keep them out. Food has to be kept in air tight containers. I'll see if anyone will take me seriously today on phone calls, and just wanted you petowners who love our pets who are part of our families to know this can happen in petfood. It shouldn't be dangerous to them, but now it's just the pests in my home brought in by the cat food
    missfeline replied to squishycat's response:
    Yes I took pictures, and you may be right about the lawyer. Thank you
    rohvannyn replied to missfeline's response:
    Wow, it's amazing to me that they won't do anything about this. Usually companies are interested in keeping up their good image. There might be attorneys interested in this if they are being so resistent. The main thing is proving that harm has been done to you that needs monetary compensation. Good luck with everything...
    missfeline replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Thank you Rohvannyn. After I reported the moth, the Science Diet consumer affairs lady actually tried to hush me up and said she "hoped I would tell my pet owner friends and families that "it's not their company's fault"! was found in their product and was introduced into my home. They said they'd send me a small good will check which I still haven't received, in that they're sorry their cat food didn't meet my expectations. Who would expect that to be in it? Now I'll have to open my cabinets and examine my food for webbing, larva or moths that may fly out at me. I pray that won't happen, but what a way to kill an appetite. I'm grateful that Belle hasn't been hurt by this that I know of and hope no one else ever has to have this happen.
    Anon_44683 replied to missfeline's response:
    I found moth webs in a bag of Chicken Soup For Cat Lover's 3 or 4 years ago. I simply wrapped tightly in plastic and threw it in the trash dumpster outside.
    I haven't bought any since, but I am sure it was an isolated bag. I have used Science Diet for a long time and have never had any problems with meal moths, but who is to say I won't at some point.
    Have you never opened a box of cereal or a bag of flour and found those moths? They are pretty common and I am sure your one bag of cat food doesn't make all Science Diet food susceptible.
    I would guess it was one bag out of hundreds of thousands and can't see anything an attorney would do about that. (no-I am NOT an attorney).
    You can find Meal Moth Traps (like sticky traps) online if you are afraid they might have infiltrated your home. The trtaps may not get rid of them, but they could certainly give you an idea of where they might be in your foods. Then you could do whatever is necessary to get rid of them. Check out the link below for information on how to do that.

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