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    Worried for my Jack Russell.
    WorriedJackRussellOwner posted:
    I have been asking around and can not get a straight answer. My jack Russell is 1.5 years old she has been having the runs for the last 3 days.

    We changed her changed her food a little I put 1.5 cup of Dry Blue Buffalo and then 2 table spoons of blue buffalo moist. My wife seems to think that she gained 3.5 pounds in 2 weeks. (about how long I have gave her the blue moist food. When we got her she was 16 lbs. She now weigh's 19 pound's. Is that too heavy for a female jack russell. What is her weight suppose to be.

    The way she has the runs is worrying me a little, but she does not have it all the time. In the morning I feed her , then take her out and then walk her about 4 to 5 blocks. I do this 3 times a day about 30 minutes each time. She see's rabbits she chases them. She plays with her toys, and she is very very energetic With all this being said she did eat a small portion of Chocolate cake that some one for got to push our chairs in and she got on the table and ate some. But that was about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Could that be why she has the runs?

    I am getting my local animal welfare league upset because I keep calling about her. Should I bring her in for a wellness check?
    please any info will be great..
    bpcookie responded:
    Your vet should be able to tell you how much your pet should weigh. You can usually tell if your dog is over weight or under weight just by looking at him.

    Well, chocolate is very bad for dogs but if it was three weeks ago then I dont think thats the problem. Have you been feeding her ppl food of any kind?? Ppl food is a big no no. They cant digest our food like they digest dog food.Could he have gotten into the garbage?

    Also, it doesnt matter if the animal welfare league is upset, its their job. This is your fur baby and your worried about him, so if you want to talk to the animal welfare league then dont let their attitude stop you.

    One more thing. You can remove your dogs food a few days and replace it with stage one, meat baby food. In those small bottles. Turkey or Chicken would be good. But dont feed him over a bottle a day. Just a few spoon every few hours. The baby food is gentle on their tummies. Thats what we do when our dog has an upset tummy.

    Good luck to you and your fur baby

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