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Male Husky Attacking My Parsons' JR
marly26 posted:
Just this week our neighbours' dog got over their fence later in the evening. I just happened to put my dog out for his last bladder release. I was watching him as it only takes him a few min. Before I knew it this darn dog was on my property and attacked my dog. The son couldnt' even control the Husky. I grabbed his tail, my son came barrelliing out, few words were said. The last time I had to take "Milo" to an Emerg Vet costing us $250. The son at the time said he would pay half however that didn't happen. We spoke with the Humane Society this time to ask what if: They said b/c we hadn't reported the last 2 times (we have pics' with dates) they would just be spoken to. Our dog is on a wireless fencing so he cant' get away from our property. Being neighbours' the first 2 times we didn't report it b/c they said they would help pay. My husband,myself and my son are so unsure what to do. It wouldn't matter if our "Milo" was in the backyard he still only has a certain distance where this other Canine is free if he jumps the gate and he is cagey. Another reason for no report was we didn't want to cause bad neighbours' Stupid right? What should we do. We live in Ontario, Canada and we really feel it unfair that the HS wont' even count the first two times. We haven't spoken to the neighbours' since.
Our dog has never been on their property when attacked. Theirs' wasn't even leashed. We are at a loss, I am so thankful that this time it was a minor bite but a bite anyways. Do you have any suggestionss, I would be happy to receive a reply. Prior to them moving beside us they had to have a dog put down due to a bite on a child, I believe it was a Husky as well.


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