Valley Fever
Larry2704 posted:
I have a Labrador Retriever; Levi is approx 6 Years old. Levi is up with his current Vacanies. On the 26th of August my Wife and I noticed that he wasn't well so we took him over to a Local Vet Hospital were they ran some testing Blood, Bowl Movement. I havent recieved any Determination of what the issue is. The Vet gave up the Following Meds;Tramadol 50mg, Metronidazole 500mg and FortFlora. I gave hin Baby Asprin to break his Tempature. Levi diet consist of Iams Pro Active Dry food and 1/3 bag of Moist and Meaty and Ice Water.Basicly he is very Healthy. When he was approx 1 Year old he came down with Valley Fever. We live in Arizona; To make a long story short he got it again; I think because he wasn't getting any better so I called the Vet Hospital back and they gave me a new Medication called FLUCONAZOLE200 MG. i GAVE HIM two tablets as instructed and within a few hours he was Bouncing back to his Normal happy behavior. I am continueing to give him his Meds every 12 hours. He is returning to his happy self. Is there a Vitimun I can give him DAILY to build his Immune system back up and stop this from ever happening again? We LOve our Animals and take care to the Best that is possible. Thank you