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Cat Behavior Question. OCD? Not sure who to ask.
Winterblue2 posted:
Hi. Originally posted to Dr. Cruz. Not sure if there is any activity on that board but here goes. He I posted 4 months ago to ask about OCD and my older cat. Since he is an older kitty I started him on a regiment of cosequin b/c I noticed that his bones crack (like mine) sometimes and thought it might make him a little stronger. Well, he seems to be more talkative, plays a bit more, more explorative with his cat furniture, but his not wanting me to leave the room is getting out of control. I do not know if this new regiment is causing this or it's just a coincidence. He has always been a mellow kind of fellow and now when I leave to use the bathroom and I'm gone for a long period, he sits in the living room and howls even if he is not alone in the room. You could almost compare his howl to the kind of howl you often hear when two feral male cats are outside of your window. This I've never heard him do before. If he doesn't get his way, at times, he will grab my leg and nip me. He has done this before once in a great while a few times in the past, but it's getting to be a more regular thing w/him. He is terribly spoiled and rules me (totally my fault).

With the cosequin, I changed the way I had been feeding him. He was on a dry food diet but I added a tablespoon of canned food, which he just loves and cut back a tiny bit on the dry food on the days (every other day) he gets his cosequin, per the instructions. My questions are, could the cosequin have made him feel less like an old man and he's feeling his oats so to speak, lol? Is he unhappy that he doesn't get his canned food everyday? Also, I've changed my routine a bit. I used to get up super early, feed him and in a few hours we both would lay back down and take a short nap since I usually do not sleep well. Now, I have a chronic sinus issue and I'm in and out of the bathroom all morning and our routine has changed with our morning nap.

Kinda changing the subject here but I think I will start giving him both canned and dry food. I've read that a good quality canned food is more natural for them, provides more fluids that he needs and he does seem to love it. Maybe this would make him happier. Anywho, I'm confused and think I should try more of what you suggested before with slowly separating myself from him for even more extended periods of time.

What do you know about this cosequin? Could it be that? Should I take him off and see what happens?

Thanks for your take on this.
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
It's not likely the Cosequin is causing the behavior you describe. While it's possible this is just a behavioral issue any change in behavior, especially in an older cat, needs to be investigated. It's actually more likely to be a medical problem such as thyroid disease, hypertension, kidney disease, etc. He needs a complete geriatric medical workup, just like an older person gets. If all his tests (including his blood pressure) are normal, you may indeed have a cat with a behavioral problem.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
The Cat Doctor
Board Certified in Feline Practice


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