Bumpy Dalmatian coat
lylly41 posted:
I have a 2 year old liver dalmatian who for the last 4 months has had bumps all over her back. She is not itchy, she actually doesnt like you to scratch them. They started as bumps, ooze a little and became scabs and he hair is falling out where the bumps were. Some are healing, others are still there. They are only on her back, no belly or face. My parents previous dalmatian had the same bumps, and the vet said they were similar to acne and will heal themselves. I took my dal to the vet and he put her on a strong anti biotic and a series of benedryl. I did that for a week with no improvement. It's now been 3 months later and she is still bumpy. I wash her with baby shampoo, which i have since she was a baby, so i dont feel like it's an allergic reaction to that. I do not feed her human food and she has had the same kibble since she was a baby, so i dont think its the food either. Any ideas? By the way, she does not have fleas.