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Dog ate part of a Popsicle stick
starblast posted:
Dog ate part of a Popsicle stick about a inch and a half long kinda pointed at 1 end rounded on the other went to the vet they said give bread and watch him he is Black Lab, dachshund mix about 50 lbs.
it's been about 24 hours now he is acting normal is pooping peeing and drinking normal been making him walk to to and get him to poop and maybe it will pass though faster.I know dogs chew sticks and all but this is different than a tree stick
want to make sure i am doing right by him as he is my 7 year old healthy handsome baby.
Will Draper, DVM responded:
Your vet's advice was good, and I'd imagine that by now that your Lab either passed the stick, or you had to take him back to the vet. It's always a good idea, when in doubt, to make a visit to your vet to make sure you are doing right by him. Great job on your part.
Dr. Will