Vectra use on kittens
MaineD2 posted:
The majority of comments are from dog owners, but cats react to Vectra too. I have two 9 month old Maine Coon kittens with fleas. Our vet gave us Vectra for cats and we used it the first time last month. At that time Twink weighed in for the low dose, while Lilly got the higher dose. Last month Lilly became anxious, running nervously around. She would settle down for about 1/2 hour. Last month Twink did have a reaction, but this month, with the higher dosage, she had the same reaction as Lilly. If the fleas are not gone next month I am not using Vectra again. I'm afraid I have done a terrible thing to my kittens and I hope there is not permanent damage to their health. An hour later they have settled down. I hate to hear so many pet owners having to watch their pets behave in such uncharacteristic ways due to this med. I will talk to my vet about the reaction and I'll find something else that is not systemic to take care of the fleas.