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Cat with diabetes and obesity
nesy83 posted:
I am hoping you can help me. I have 3 cats and the oldest that is about 11 years old has a low case of diabetes. The vet put her on Hills Prescription m/d dry food and insulin. Since she has been on it (about 6 months) she has gain a lot of weight. My other 2 cats are about to reach 20 pounds on Science Diet dry fppd. The vet keeps telling us to keep them on it when we tell them they keep gaining weight on it. I am feeding them half of what is said on the bag.

I have read the reviews on the brands and they are not good. They have animal by products and high carbohydrates in these brands.
What is the best brand to feed all three?
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
This is a common problem with cats on Hill's m/d. It's a very high protein diet and, since cats are carnivores and can use protein directly for calories, it's also a high calorie diet. The good news is that your cat's diabetes must be fairly well regulated or it would be difficult for him to gain weight. There are other diabetic diets, but they all tend to have the same problem. Ask your veterinarian if your cat is really well regulated and, if so, can you switch to a lower calorie diet. Hill's w/d may be an option. It's not really a diabetic diet and is very high in fiber (and somewhat low in protein) but it can help control your cat's blood glucose. It's really a moderate weight control diet and is much lower in calories than m/d. As always, see what your veterinarian recommends. He knows what's best for your cat.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
The Cat Doctor
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