Dog doesn't want to eat anything but boiled shredded chicken
mfino1011 posted:
We just bought a 12 week old pomeranian/klee kai mix. We have had her for a week. The first night she was home she was already in the hospital for hypoglycemia. (She was on a flight that made her scared, which she wouldn't eat). So, after 2 days in the hospital, she was perfectly fine, eating baby food and a little high protein dog food plus some shredded chicken. (Vets suggestion). Well, she loved it. The vet said take her off that diet after a week and start feeding her half wet/half dry and some shredded chicken. So we have been trying to do that for the past two days and she hasn't ate anything but the chicken. We have tried several different types of dog foods. Blue Buffalo, Natural Choice, Royal Canin, and a couple others that I can't think off hand. I did buy her some Wellness wet food and she likes it but I know she cant eat that all the time. Any suggestions?