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Dog suddenly afraid of me- is it the new puppy?
CelticsB90 posted:
Hello all-

I have a 2yo male chihuahua (Boots) and recently just brought home a 2mo old male chihuahua (Clover). At first Boots was apprehensive, but eventually they played together and wrestled, as well as would sleep together in the same bed. However, these past two weeks, Boots has been very testy with him- not aggressive at all- but seems to snap and rumble when Clover tries to play. I believe this is his way of establishing limits and telling him to back off a little, but I am not noticing Boots engaging in any play with him anymore. Boots has also changed the way he is acting towards me. He used to be all cuddly and ALWAYS wanted to be held, would frequently jump up and put his paws on my legs, and would roll over and let me rub his belly. At times, he would also get snappy if he was tired or didn't want to be touched. However, now he will run the other way if I call his name, and if I try to pick him up he squirms and seems reluctant. When I do pick him up and try to hold him, he will squirm to be released and won't rest his head on my shoulder like he always used to. He shakes when he's being held, or is laying on the bed and I'm petting him. He just seems tense and nervous whenever I try to show him affection or hold him. The weird part is that when my parents come over, he still acts slightly strange but is more welcoming to them (i.e. he will run up to them, wag his tail, and jump into their lap). My mom has noticed a change though. Is there something that he is associating JUST me with? Is he hold some sort of a grudge (so to speak) against me for bringing in this new pup? How can I get things back to normal? It's very upsetting because he was always my little cuddle bunny and it's sad to see him under stress. Giving the new pup back is not an option (they don't fight, the puppy is just very playful). Thanks!


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