Bloody/Mucus and diarrhea in a half starved to death found puppy
Stryker posted:
I have a puppy approx. 5-6 months old. I found her beside the road half starved to death. Her breath had a distinct ammonia odor that has been described as her organs slowly shutting down. I have been feeding her Beneful Puppy food mixed with boiled chicken. The first day her stood was pencil thin and black but quickly (the next day) turned normal. I have had her two weeks now and she has developed diarrhea and bloody mucus in her stood. I have yet to give her any of her shots or any kind of worming due to her severe lack of weight. Unfortunately I live in an area that has only one Vet. and he is a quack to say the least. I am wondering if worming her would be a good idea, or if I need to travel nearly 100 miles to find a Vet that knows what he's doing. The diarrhea and bloody/mucus stood has been going on for the second day now and is starting to be a serious concern. Any help from a professional would greatly be appreciated.
rohvannyn responded:
Poor pup! How is she? I just wanted to bump this topic in hopes that an expert will give some insight.