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My puppy keeps throwing up white foam
mariacarbs posted:
My 5 month old puppy, a terrier mix (really small pup), has been throwing up clear white foamy substance. He started throwing up on Friday, but I brushed it off thinking it was just because of an upset stomach and that he'll be fine by tomorrow. (That is what happened to my other dog, she ate something bad threw up for a day and didn't eat and then the next day she was fine). Today before I left for work I tried to get him to eat some dog food, but he refused. Thinking his stomach was still upset, I just gave him some water. When I got back from work he was still in bed and he just seems very weak and lethargic. Also he's been throwing up a lot more. It's still clear and foamy, but when he would throw up he would try to keep it in his mouth and eat it (I'm not sure if I'm describing it right, but basically he refuses to let it out pass his mouth). I plan on taking him to the vet on Monday because I really don't have the money to make a trip to an emergency vet -__-

Also, when I came home from work I gave him some more water (I didn't want him to get all dehydrated) but he threw it up a couple hours later. All he's been doing the whole time since I got home is just sleeping/laying in his bed, but he has walked around my room to settle into a different sleeping spot (mainly from his bed to my rug, and then back again). I also noticed that he threw up a lot more than yesterday.

Any thoughts on what could be happening to my little one or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Some additional information that might be helpful:
- His breath smells normal
- He actually hasn't gone poo since Friday (but I assumed that's because he hasn't eaten anything since Friday)

Thank you in advance.
Will Draper, DVM responded:
Glad to know you are taking him to the vet today. They will likely check his stool for parasites (worms), and also may consider testing him for the parvo virus- which can cause some of the symptoms you are seeing (vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite) even in vaccinated puppies. Also, if there is a possibility that your puppy could have ingested something- a foreign body or some sort of toxin (plants, etc.) be sure to let your vet know. Again- most important- get him to your vet asap. Best to you...please keep us posted.
Dr. Will
mariacarbs replied to Will Draper, DVM's response:
It turns out that my dog caught parvo virus. Luckily it was caught early and he was hospitalized for a few days. My vet sent him home with some medications and some food. He's hasn't been lethargic and seems more energetic than how he was the past week. He doesn't like the dog food the vet sent him home with, so I've been giving him boiled chicken with plain white rice. He hasn't been drinking water so I've been having to force him with a syringe. My biggest concern is the fact that he keeps throwing up. He'll throw up a little bit after he eats, continue eating and keep that down. A couple of times he's thrown up his medicine, and also after I give him water/pedialite mixture. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from throwing up? Asides from giving him a shot for nauseous, I've already spent $1500 and I really can't spend anymore
babygirl2628 responded:
hi there
if anything like this ever acures again ill tell u a home remidy that with get you dog better and it will cost you under 20$ ... buy yogurt (prefferably original ) give him 2 table spoons of the yogurt and buy pedia lite and give him some of that depending on his weight the amount you will give him but its at any drug store in the baby section its 10$
rohvannyn replied to babygirl2628's response:
Good to do for a dog that is vomiting for a known reason, but that won't cure parvovirus.


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