Siberian Husky broken left finger bone
kitchie posted:
Hi! My husky started limping 2 weeks ago and we took her to the vet. The doctor initially gave her anti-inflammatory meds to be taken for 2 weeks. According to the vet, there's no need for Allie to undergo an x-ray since she can put weight on her left paw but after 5 days we noticed there's no improvement and she started to lift her left leg and won't put it down while walking. We took her to the vet again and this time she advised us to have Allie get an x-ray. The result showed Allie had a broken finger bone. Unfortunately the vet told us it can't be repaired, the fractured bone is too small and can't be replaced. We were advised to do therapy for her by holding her left leg and making a circular motion everyday. We were also told that we should let Allie slowly put weight on her left paw while walking her. This will eventually let her realize that she can still walk with her four legs.

I hope those who can read this can help me with how to properly care for dogs who have fractured finger bone. I hate to see my Allie walking in such discomfort. I want to hear your thoughts about this and hopefully get feedback with those who have the same case. All of your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!