susanblatz65 posted:
I need some advice my sons dog which is a mix breed had a seizure 3 days ago I took im to the emergency hospital they pulled blood work the results came back showing no reason why the seizure happened. However they told me to keep a record of how many times seizures happen and then they may decide to give medication for them. I feel that he has some brain damage caused by the seizure. The reason why i say this is because his eyes are dialated and have been since he had the seizures also he guards my american bulldog he has even attacked me twice as well as causing a fight between my 2 dogs. Will he ever get better or is it best to have him put down? The dog walks back in fourth guarding my male neutered american bull dog.
Midnighter67 responded:
We have a Sheltie that has had 3 seizures over the last 6 months. There was no cause found by the vet. They last only about 5 minutes or so and are mild. He's shown no physical or behavior changes that your dog has, though. Our vet told us it they were probably epileptic seizures (by process of elimination of any other cause) and that it's not treated unless the seizures are very severe.