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I just got a new puppy and my dog is not getting along with it, what do you suggest I do?
judyj2790 posted:
Hi, my name is Judy and I just have a few questions to ask. I don't mean to write a story, but if I don't you won't understand why I decided to keep the new puppy.

To begin with about a week ago I had someone break into my house and I have a 3 year old Cairn Terrier male dog in my house. He attacked them we are guessing and when we got home my dog was laying in the floor trembling and shaking to where they had kicked him so bad. I could tell they kicked him right into his food bowl because his food dish was turned over and food was all over the floor. Well, the robbers were still in the house and the police did not catch them. But to make it a short story I'll end here by saying they ran before the police got there.


Yesterday I was on the way home from work. I pulled in my driveway and this little white puppy ran right out in front of me. Almost ran over her. We went door to door and asked people if she was theres. No one knew anything about her. So we think someone just abandoned her. Well, we had several people tell us that she looked like she was going to be a big dog. Some people told us she looked like a Basset Hound mix, another said St. Bernard Mix, and the vet we took her to said she was a mix between Labrador and St. Bernard. So we decided to keep her for safety purposes and she is really a sweet dog. So far she is doing good with her toileting. Hasn't had an accident in the house, hasn't made any messes, but she is still young.

My mom and I have been trying to get her to get along with our Cairn Terrier. At first when we greeted them he wagged his tail and seemed excited to meet her. But now all he does is growl and bark at her in a huge screaching pitch bark noise. How can I get him to get along with her? We really want to keep this puppy. When he went through dog training classes he was excellent around all the other puppies, all different breeds. He even got a real golden medal of excellence for the way he acted and behaved in his classes. But now he has totally changed. He doesn't get along with our cat either, which that's understandable so we have them seperated. But, I would really love for my Cairn Terrier to get along with this puppy so he can have a friend. What should I do?


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