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My 10yr cat is losing his hair - what do you think allergies or something else?
An_248869 posted:
Hi, I have a 10yr cat that keeps losing his hair. I believe it's cause by the fact that he has an allergy to fish. I also have two dogs, which have there own problems and have to eat food which has fish in it. I started to notice that he was losing his hair on his belly anbetween the inside of his legs & also had 2-5 scabs on his body. Right before I decied to take me to the vet I realized that he was eating the dogs food. He must have been eating it when we were away or asleep, I can't change the dog food so we started to pick the dogs unfinished food up before we left or went to bed but the hair has no totally came back. Now he must have found some on the floor cause it's happening again, but this time he is losing patches of hair, wherever he cleans himself is patch of hair missing. He is actting the same, no behavioral changes. Though I have found a small lump on his rt knee, which I'm hoping is a fatty patch. I'm planning on taking him to my vet but just wanted to ask what you thought, first.
Thanks a bunch.
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
Well, I think you need to take him to your veterinarian! Seriously, while he may really have an allergy to fish, there are many other causes of hair loss in cats. Let your veterinarian know what you've told us, but that may not be his problem. Fungal infections, parasites, internal diseases, cancer, etc. can all cause hair loss. Don't forget to mention the mass you found on his knee.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
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WorriedMamma replied to Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP's response:
Thank you!!!!