Mast Cell Tumor
mwiemann22 posted:
I just have a few questions regarding mast cell tumors. My 8 year old pomeranian had a low grade mast cell tumor removed from her leg/shoulder area about three weeks ago. It came back from the lab saying low grade 2, that it was completely excised with clean margins and had a mycotic index of lower than 1. She also had to have a few other fatty bumps removed from her chest that the vet didn't even have to send to the lab as he said once he got in there he was able to see that they were just lipomas or cysts. I guess my question is, is it normal for a dog that had a mast cell tumor to get other bumps like that that end up not being a worry such as lipomas? I'm just super paranoid about every bump on her now as one ended up bring a MCT. Also, another vet said I could get a ultrasound done of her abdomen just to rule out spread had occurred, however this is $475 and considering I just spent $1100 on her surgery and the holidays are right around the corner, I only want to get the ultrasound if it's absolutely necessary based on the lab's findings regarding her MCT. Any response would be appreciated! Thank you!