Taste of the Wild - mustard, mushy stool.
astesq posted:
I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter - approximately 1-2 years old, 32 lbs, hound/german shepard mix.

About two weeks ago, she stopped eating her dry food/drinking water and had watery, yellow diarrhea. I planned on taking her to the vet the following day, but decided against it after she seemed more energetic and began to show interest in her food. However, over the next couple days (Saturday and Sunday), Boo once again started to refuse her food, although wanting to eat human food and treats. We took her to the vet that Monday (no blockage, didn't believe there were parasites) and she has been on antibiotics/stool firmer and a chicken/rice-only diet since that time.

Although she hasn't been fed her dry food (Taste of the Wild, Bison flavored), her stool continues to be still mushy and yellow. I was wondering whether anyone had any opinions on this brand or any similar experiences. We have consistently fed her this food since her adoption (approximately a 1.5 month ago), and her stool has never really looked "healthy" - usually always mustard colored and soft. At first I thought it was stress associated with a new home, but with the incident which occurred two weeks, I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the food.

Any suggestions or opinions are much welcomed!