Jack Russel aggressive to day old puppy
scoo73r posted:

I just moved back into my parents house and I've always wanted a puppy. My parents have a long haired Jack Russel and I didn't realize that he was aggressive and my parents didn't really tell me about it.

First 2 seconds of being home and the Jack Russel went after my puppy. We have since separated them, the JR downstairs and puppy upstairs separated by a gate. Last night the JR whined and cried all night. More than the puppy in her crate.

I'm super afraid that there will be no hope in integrating the dogs. My brother lives next door and his Jack Russel likes my puppy. A bit unsure but treats it good. Their other dog hides. Both of those dogs get along with my parents JR. The two JR's are siblings (parent's and brother's). I was hoping to socialize them with the puppy first and then bring my parent's Jack Russel over to their house since the pack's dynamic would have changed. Good idea? Bad idea?

What else can you think of for me to do? Is leaving the puppy in the cage while the other dog barks/sniffs her through the cage a bad idea? Will that terrorize the puppy?

I've seen people on other forums suggest walking the dogs in neutral areas and let them pass by each other several times for a month or so gradually.